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Okay, the 2014 congressional elections also known as the midterm elections are only 14 months away and this is the last chance I’m going to offer any advice to the GOP on how it can actually gain seats in the House win the Senate and defeat anyone the Democratic Party runs in 2016 including Hillary Clinton. Some of you might think I’m nuts to give real solutions to the wide range of demographic and message problems the GOP has but it’s a chalk bet that they’ll never take my advice anyway even if it has been focus grouped and proven to be the right path to take.


1. Get your voters to move into cities and out of rural areas. I know I make this sound simple and it is a long term heavy lift but that’s where the victory needs to be. Throwing up map that you won more counties than your opponent is bullshit. There aren’t enough people in rural areas to make a difference. Move to the cities and over time you’ll own the elections. I know this won’t do you any good until the economy allows for this to take place but if you are sending your kids off to college send them to one in a big city and pray they have the same values you do.


2. Stop being the White Christian Conservative Party– be the Party for Americans; all of them. I don;t give a fuck what Reince Priebus says the GOP is not a big tent. The GOP is and is perceived to be the Party of White Men. As long as that holds there isn’t going to be any erosion of the powewr of the Progressive movement. Having a black RNC chairman isn’t the answer. Running whackjob white male candidates isn’t the answer. Pandering to a bigoted base that will be mostly dead by 2050 is certainly not the answer. Find the black conservative lawyers and doctors and fund their campaigns to the hilt. Go into black communities and really talk to people about jobs and education. Pander, since that what you do best, to the black middle class and back that pandering with your campaign dollars and you might put a dent in 98% black loyalty to the Democrats.


3. This is a corollary to number 2; stop bitching about immigration, better yet embrace the browning of America. Since there isn’t fuck all you can do about the fact that America will no longer have a white majority in a generation embrace the change.


4. Jettison the TEA Party and mock them until the implode under their own weight. The GOP needs to be an establishment moderate counterweight to Progressive Liberalism if it has any chance of surviving. The TEA Party is the extremist wing of the GOP. Cut them loose or sink with them.

hindsight 2237
In Hindsight

If these four things sound familiar to you they are very close to what the post 2012 election autopsy said the GOP needs to do simply to remain a national party. What you’re facing is a coming Progressive juggernaut and your base is dying if not by natural causes by suicide caused by the failure of capitalism in America on a very personal scale. In the end the GOP will be destroyed by its need to pander to a white Christian base or it will survive by doing what government is supposed to do work for the taxpaying citizens.

Pax Terra!

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