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From Mark Noonan’s odd attempt at storming the same sex marriage barricades with the aid of French conservatives MitchEtheKid rings the nell of liberty:

Lets try again.

OK. But ask your fellow conservatives if they do in fact support civil unions. A legal contract that affords same sex couples all of the rights, traditions, privilege’s, heartache and misery of what is understood to be defined by a word: Marriage. It’s a word, a description of a state of being. It is not an absolute nor is it impervious to nuance. There are many advertizements [sic] that use the word marriage in reference to their product(s). A marriage between peanut butter and chocolate. A marriage between mustard and mayonnaise with a hunk of protein in the middle. The argument has now devolved into a defense of a word by applying a singular meaning to it, and a more robust defense of the ambiguity of language is my personal reaction to it.
I am very prejudicial about homosexuality. The very image of it repulses me and I don’t understand some of my male friends being turned on by lipstick lesbians but the spiritual aspect of a loving relationship between same sex couples effects me not one iota and whom am I to dictate what or does not comprise a truly loving, caring relationship. I don’t know the ratio of divorce between hetero and gay couples, but if I were to guess, I’d bet on the side of it being relatively even. I could be wrong though. Gay’s experience allot more social hostility just because they are outside of the norm than hetero couples. And I wholly agree that homosexuality is the exception to the gene pool, but again, so what? For example, Neo is always going on about sodomy. And in this one instance: about the exit being the entrance, I agree but he always omits females. Why is that Neo? Are you that closed minded to exclude women from your equation? It’s just another example of the closed mindedness that the extreme right suffers from when it comes to (no pun intended) a changing definition of; and acceptance thereof, a fluid society that ebbs and flows from what is considered to be normal and what is considered to be deviant. History tells us that the Greeks and Romans were wildly sexual. Do you condemn them or just pass it off with no further investigation? Especially if their historical contributions substantiate your insistence that a religious predicate from ancient times is the bedrock of your political ideology. There’s a conflict boys and girls, and one that can’t be ignored. Ever see (or read) A Clockwork Orange?
Here is a link to an elderly French Citizen who in protest over the acceptance of same sex marriage in France, put a gun in his mouth and blew his skull out. Now I ask you, is he a martyr? A crazy person? Did he think his suicide would alter the course of social history? Be talked about in reverential terms after his death and therefore give him some comfort in his last living moments? No. He was a homophobic who was incapable of addressing his irrational hatred of a changing society and rather than coming to terms with his own being, he chose self inflicted death as an easy alternative. He’s no different than any other coward. Or abortion doctor murderer.
Society has changed, and like Wm F Buckley once said, (and I paraphrase) too many conservatives stand athwart both history and the future yelling stop. It can’t, it won’t and it’s not listening to you,me or anyone else. It just keeps on being on.

As if that weren’t enough to fill your culture wars belly for an evening Cluster [yes that same B4V Cluster] brings in the Baked Alaska in response to Neocon!!

And I gotta tell you neocon, that if you choose to exclude same sex unions from being recognized in any way by the state and not allow them legal rights based on moral grounds, you not only lose that entire voting base, but you lose the voting base of those who are sympathetic to their plight, which is HUGE, and comprises most of the younger generation.

Breitbart adhux autem mortju! [Breitbart is still dead!]

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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