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Second Presidential debate.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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By giving New Black Panther Party President Malik Shabazz a forum and asking him about Glenn Beck’s 28 August 2010 rally at the Lincoln Memorial, Fox News is not only inciting a riot at the event, they are preparing to cover it in all its gory or boring detail. There will be video of the “meeting of the minds” between a handful of black bigots and a handful of white bigots. There might be pushing and shoving and their may be punches thrown. Since it will be held in DC the white bigots won’t have the legal right to carry a firearm. Besides some 62 year old white guy from Thurmont, Maryland shooting a black kid from SE DC isn’t the image that Fox wants the Beckist/Tea Partiers to set. Fox needs the NBPP to whip some white ass and be able to show images of bleeding elderly whites clutching Gadsden flags as they are stomped by black men screaming “Die Cracker!” they need to show white people running in horror from black clad New Black Panthers so they can make campaign fodder for the 2010 midterms. Such a prospective clash is money [and votes] in the bank for the candidates of the TEA Party’s choice.

I doubt if there will be clashes. The DC police are capable of handling the possibly 10 000 people that will show up to see Beck and the dozen or so New Black Panthers that will counter protest. it’s a shame that the only way to get on Fox News is to be in lockstep with the far right, be a left wing lunatic or be of the blond and female body type that gets Ruppert Murdoch’s cock hard. And people wonder why I have such disdain for the MSM?

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Yeah, I need to clarify the title don’t I?

I read the article in this month’s Harper’s magazine yesterday by Ken Silverstein, “Tea party in the Sonora” and it gave me great hope. Hope is a scarce commodity in Hell sort of like jobs in Michigan if you need a Terran comparative. Al Franken yesterday made note of the horrors that would come if the GOP takes over the House in November’s midterm elections. Silverstein cites chapter and verse the dangers of tax cutting in a recession and how a bubble can devastate a state-run by conservatives more interested in making their religion law and appearing pious in their politics.

Somehow as much as I try I can’t imagine a better way to assure the 40 year Liberal domination of American government as James Carville points out in his latest book than to have the GOP take control of the House. many that I work with here in the executive suite feel the same way. The truth about this current crop of rising republicans is that they are appealing to the most visceral of the unintelligent among conservatives. The good news for the Michelle Bachmanns and the Sarah Palins and the Jim DeMints is that these narrowly focused, issue driven, conservatives is that they contribute to campaigns and they vote in droves. They are the certain vote for the GOP even in lean times like 2006 these people went to the polls just as blacks turned out in 1994 for a Democratic Party that was DOA in the House race.

America economically isn’t out of the woods. The government can do some things to spur economic recovery but it can do far more to send the economy into a tailspin. That would be driven by political and not economic theory. Being against Obama and by rote understanding of the unspoken code of the Southern Strategy 2.1.1 is the game plan the GOP has for 2010 and beyond. There isn’t any plan for governing because the GOP cannot and will not raise taxes in 2011 or 2012. They have to appeal to moderates to win the White House in 2012 and no truly moderate candidate has a chance against the war that will surely develop by next summer between Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. The schism that will develop between the two sides of the Republican Party will probably not destroy it but it could transform it into a party that could govern from the center were Romney to triumph at the convention.

I was wrong in 2008 when I said that convention was going to be the GOP’s version of the 1968 Democratic Convention; this time I feel more confident as the planets align around Palin and Romney. The Democrats in 2008 showed some serious class to the public in how they handled the Clinton/Obama race. Things won’t be so kind among Palinites and how they treat their Mormon/Hedge Fund/Eastern Elite adversaries.

There’s a metric I use to determine how much of a bounce the Democrats will gain in this win-win situation. First, if the GOP loses the House then the Recovery of 2011 will become a brickbat they can use in bashing the Right in 2012. Six percent unemployment will feel like three percent by then and an uptick in Holiday Shopping Season spending in 2011 will do more for the US economy than the lukewarm Stimulus of 2009.

Second if the GOP wins the House they are forced now to govern. To them having one chamber of Congress is enough because with subpoena power they can work toward their ultimate goal, the holiest of holies, Impeachment. Just the Sestak thing could tie Congress up in knots for months rendering any advancement on real issues impossible. The economy will worsen because of the distractions. The Republicans will blame the Democrats and their criminal activities whether it be Blago, Black Panthers or BP. The Democrats will cry foul that the GOP is causing gridlock. Nothing will be done about immigration reform as the GOP tries to repeal the Obama Health Care Law. This option will make for great television for political wonks and executives at the cable news stations but for the future of the American people, which the Right says it’s all about, it would be a tsunami of fail.

The third option is a victory in the House and Senate for the GOP. This is what I dream about secretly because they own the economy by the rules that they make and they can force Obama to wield a veto pen for the first time. Terrifying as a Republican Congress might be to the millions of Liberals in America today, the actions of the Right in just two years would be enough, in either option two or three, to assure a methodical march to the Left by moderates, especially young moderates, for many decades to come.

Pax Terra!

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