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I often find myself writing about something that seems to have nothing to do about politics and later finding it does have everything to do with politics. Such is the case with the murder of 88 year old Delbert Belton of Spokane, Washington this past week. Belton was beaten to death by two black kids, 16 year old Demetrius Glenn and 16 year old Kenan Adams-Kinard outside a pool hall in the eastern Washington city. News sources have revealed that Belton, a World War II veteran died of blunt force trauma to the head and face. This is a vicious crime and quite possibly should be investigated as a hate crime, but for right now it is just what white American conservatives need it to be. This case has outraged conservative whites at a time when they realize that their political fortunes are decline as their base dies off and is being replaced by young liberal white women, Latinos and black community buoyed by the hope and inspiration of the election of the first person of color as Chief Executive.

The politicization of crime based upon tribal [read racial] allegiances in America is a growing concern for those of us here in Hell who make our living opining about these sorts of things. This sort of worldview is a coin of lead covered with a thin shiny veneer of gold. it’s hefty and it looks pretty until you cut the edge and realize that you have nothing. Every crime of this nature should spark outrage in both the black community and the white. Al Sharpton should be organizing in Spokane, Washington just as he did in Sanford, Florida. The goal of this effort that he should be engaged in isn’t self promotion but the promotion of the long needed reconciliation between the races in America.

The days when white conservatives could ignore their own crime problems are long gone. Politically, conservatism is on the wane and that is a dangerous omen for any chance at racial reconciliation in America. As the Right loses more and more elections the need for more race baiting, fear mongering and finally violence delivered as the offspring of the two will seem to become apparent to the weakest minded tenth among white conservatives.

I recall four years ago the murder and rape of 4 year old Emma Thompson in Texas at the hands of her mother Abigail Young’s boyfriend Lucas Ruric Coe. I read every article that Robin Naismith Green wrote on the topic and scanned the web for days for the white conservative reaction to such a brutal crime and all I heard was the chirping of crickets. I can say the same thing in regard to the black community regarding the senseless near Iraq War scale of violence in Chicago, Illinois and while I am sure many of my liberal friends will no longer invite me to their dinner parties after reading this both communities are guilty of selective outrage.

A magic wand solution doesn’t exist for why the black elite don’t reach down and help their poor brethren. The same applies to why the billions earned in Silicon Valley isn’t being used to stem the tide of suicide among the white rural middle class. It may just be that Americans. black and white alike have become so selfish that they see only what they can accumulate before they die all the while praying their is no judgment in the end.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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