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Originally published in the Village Voice on 29 September 2010 noted journalist author and radio personality Steven Thrasher makes clear what the election of President Obama has done to the white conservative mind.

About 12:01 on the afternoon of January 20, 2009, the white American mind began to unravel.

It had been a pretty good run up to that point. The brains of white folks had been humming along cogently for near on 400 years on this continent, with little sign that any serious trouble was brewing. White people, after all, had managed to invent a spiffy new form of self-government so that all white men (and, eventually, women) could have a say in how white people were taxed and governed. White minds had also nearly universally occupied just about every branch of that government and, for more than two centuries, had kept sole possession of the leadership of its executive branch (whose parsonage, after all, is called the White House).

But when that streak was broken—and, for the first time, a non-white president accepted the oath of office—white America rapidly began to lose its grip.

As with other forms of dementia, the signs weren’t obvious at first. After the 2008 election, when former House majority leader Tom DeLay suggested that instead of a formal inauguration, Barack Obama should “have a nice little chicken dinner, and we’ll save the $125 million,” black folks didn’t miss the implication. References to chicken, particularly of the fried variety, have long served as a kind of code when white folks referred to black people and their gustatory preferences—and weren’t many of us already accustomed to older white politicians making such gaffes? But who among us sensed that it was a harbinger that an entire nation was plunging into madness?

Who didn’t chuckle, after all, the first time they heard that white people had doubts that Barack Obama had even been born in the United States and was therefore ineligible to be president? It sounded like one of those Internet stories in which some (usually white) writer does his best to prove something everyone knows to be true is actually the exact opposite. And you go along with it for a few paragraphs to see how long the writer can convince you that what you know is right is actually wrong.

Seemed like that, didn’t it? After all, what was the beef? Obama’s father was Kenyan, and the kid was born in Hawaii—which is barely a part of the United States to begin with (only a state in 1959!). His mother was white, and after the Kenyan guy left, she married an Indonesian guy, so little Barack lived in Jakarta for a while before coming back to Hawaii to be brought up largely by his white grandparents. . . . And that’s it? Come on, this was after-school-special material, the kind of thing that brings a tear to your eye because little half-Kenyan/half-white Barry made good, not the stuff of conspiracy novels.

But the more you shook your head at it, the more it seemed to have taken root deep in the lizard part of the white nervous system. Obama is not an American. He says he’s Christian, but he has a Muslim-sounding name. He’s not black, he’s not white. . . . Is . . . is he even human?

Today, Newsweek has found, nearly a quarter of Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim, with barely 42 percent of the nation accepting his claim that he’s a Christian. CNN finds that a quarter of Americans also believe that Obama was “probably or definitely” born in another country.

Harris found in an online poll that 14 percent of Americans believe in their hearts that President Barack Obama is the antichrist, with nearly a quarter of Republicans saying so.

At least in this form, however, Satan (sometimes) wears a flag pin.

What was going on? Had decades of sucking down so much high-fructose corn syrup not only made Americans incredibly obese, but also messed with white brain chemistry to the point that some sort of tipping point had occurred?

Not a bad theory, but no, there’s a simpler explanation, with two parts: For the first time in their lives, baby boomers are hard up against it economically, and white boy is becoming outnumbered and it’s got his bowels chilled with fear.

“In an age of diminished resources, the United States may be heading for an intensifying confrontation between the gray and the brown,” writes Ronald Brownstein in his July National Journal article, “The Gray and the Brown: The Generational Mismatch.” That’s a polite and understated way of saying that older white folks are losing their shit as they’re being replaced by young brown and black kids while the economy is in the crapper.

Brownstein notes that 40 percent of the nation’s population under 18 is already non-white, with that number significantly higher in the Southwest (read: Mexicans!). By 2023, that number of young non-whites will be an outright national majority.

At the same time, the baby boomers are getting older. At 80 percent white, boomers have gotten pretty used to dominating nearly every field of endeavor in this country since they came of age—politics, business, education, the arts—just about everything but MTV programming. Boomers set the national agenda in so many ways that we can forget how much the national economy and national media cater to them. Bewildered by the number of Cialis ads you see on television showing those flabby couples sitting in bathtubs? Or the way that older women are suddenly “cougars” and “MILFs” and . . . oh, yeah, you remember, boomers are getting old, but still want to think they can get the sheets sweaty. See? Boomers and their fixations and fears explain nearly everything. . . .

Read the article in full here.

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The Internet child of Matt Margolis and Mark Edward Noonan, BlogsforVictory, which began as BlogsforBush a digital apologist for the unjust war in Iraq, is down as of midnight last night. There is no explanation I can find except they didn’t update their account at I am sure they will whip out a credit card and renew the blog and return to their opining about what’s wrong with Terra from an authoritarian conservative perspective. This blog has fought many wars with them especially socio-political ones. The fact that Noonan cannot bear to see the nude human image was likely the reason anyone who worked for The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork were banned from commenting there. If this is the end of BlogsforVictory I must admit a measure of sadness. Nothing made me happier than reading Noonan’s predictions of conservatives winning presidential elections only to see him have to eat his words on the following Wednesday. The hypocritical gut twisting the likes of Amazona, tiredoflibbs and Count d’Haricots were forced to engage in as the war in Iraq went south due to no WMDs being found. At the start of B4B back before the turn of the century conservatives likely thought they had a renaissance on their hands in the first decade of the new century. 9/11 reinforced that for them. Then the grand social pendulum started to swing toward the Progressives. Same sex marriage and abortion rights are still law in America even though the latter has seen states chip away at a woman’s right to choose. Over the last six years the two electoral victories of President Barack Hussein Obama has lit the fuse to the bomb that will eventually blow up the GOP and fracture the Right irreparably for at least a generation. BlogsforVictory, and blogs like them that required conservative ideological purity, have been more responsible for the coming demise of the GOP than any action by President Obama, Progressive elected officials or even Liberal bloggers like me. Maybe Noonan and his fellow travelers in theocratic conservative authoritarianism will rally behind a single candidate that they wish to see elected the nominee in 2016. Palin isn’t a favorite for Noonan; nor is Dr Ben Carson but I could see a BlogsforCruz2016 rising from the ashes of B4V in the coming months filled with the same improbable enthusiasm that they had for McCain and Romney over the last two election cycles. If there is one thing I can give them credit for after so many poor predictions is that they are consistent in their blind belief that they are the majority in the face of proof to the contrary.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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From 7 August 2014 in the Washington Times, by Ben Wolfgang:

“With tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians and ethnic minorities facing potential slaughter by Islamist militants, the White House on Thursday wouldn’t say how — or even if — it will take further action to prevent bloodshed.

Pressed on whether it’s in America’s core interest to stop the looming genocide of tens of thousands of Yazidis trapped on a mountain in northern Iraq and surrounded by armed members of the terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), White House press secretary Josh Earnest said President Obama still is weighing the situation.

The careful posturing by the administration came on a day of biting criticism from an influential House Republican, who hammered Mr. Obama for failing to follow through on a past promise to strengthen Washington’s ability to prevent genocide around the world.”

Then there’s this from conservative blogger Leo McNeil just this morning. So now the very actions that were called for by a conservative member of Congress means that the President of the United States has failed in Iraq. I, personally cannot wait to see just how the tone and nature of conservative political commentary changes after the 2016 election. No matter who wins I have feeling that this state American political discourse is in will evaporate, swiftly, between the election and inauguration.

Just seeing the breaking news on ABC with Martha Raddatz reporting the first American airstrikes have hit ISIS artillery positions near Erbil.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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In the past few months an outbreak of the Ebola virus has struck the West African nations of Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. The total number of laboratory confirmed cases of this disease as of today is 340 in Guinea, 129 in Liberia, 540 in Sierra Leone and 0 in Nigeria. Two laboratory confirmed cases in America medical workers in Liberia has resulted in their transfer to Emory Hospital in Atlanta for continued treatment in an isolation ward designed for this purpose.

The previous paragraph is rooted in fact and definitely has nothing to do with the rough and tumble of partisan politics in the United States of America. The United States is a nation where many noted conservatives engaged in print, radio, digital and broadcast media earn their living by reinforcing the fears in the minds of their ideological fellow travelers that every domestic and foreign ill has at its roots President Barack Hussein Obama. A case in point is the article written by Warner Todd Huston at Breitbart stating the government of the United States, i.e. President Obama, is covering up the number of people being tested for the Ebola virus who have returned to the United States from travels to the affected region.

What Huston has done in his article is the opposite of journalism; it is propaganda. His attack on the government is outshone by the herculean effort on the part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases [USAMRIID], the United States Department of State and Emory University Hospital Atlanta to save two threatened lives. Sadly, others have jumped on the conspiracy theory bandwagon in the odious hope of scoring political points against President Obama. Zero Hedge, a relative newcomer to the conservative blogosphere, reposts an article from the curiously named The Economic Collapse Blog written by Michael Snyder on 3 August 2014. Snyder’s article is an example of the worst of what the Internet has to offer. His article is peppered with minor facts, inconsistencies and outright falsehoods all designed to sensationalize a serious public health matter that is being handled effectively by the CDC and local public health services.

This article has now become the mantra for conservative pundits like Paul Craig Roberts who has linked to the 25 things list and includes, “All it takes is one cough, one sneeze, one drop of saliva, and the virus is loose in one of the main transportation centers of the US.” In fact, no nation on Terra is better prepared, by way of experimental drugs, medical services management, screening proceudures and effective quarantines than the United States of America. This despite the freedom of movement both desired and enjoyed by its citizens.

I cannot overstate my disdain for this manner of disease reporting. Will my writers be covering this outbreak? Of course they will. But The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork refuses to sensationalize this story regardless the fury of the headwind of political grandstanding and conspiracy theorizing from the Right. For the record we here will not hide facts, obfuscate the Truth or tell blatant lies to gain hits, ingratiate ourselves to our peers in journalism or stoke the fires of fear in the hearts of the Human Beings of Terra.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Cavalor Epþiþ, Esquire, O.B.R.E., CS, O.D.A.J.[1er], O.Q.H.[Journ.], D.S.V.J., J.F.
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Here’s a headline that if it was reported at the Drudge Report would result in tens of millions of eyes on the page and a hundred million clicks on links. This story would be the proof of the attempt of Progressives to destroy America as a Christian nation. The company in question, however, could stand on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012 which was used in the Hobby Lobby decision citing their lack of religious belief is their belief and thereby they wish to surround themselves with like minded people who are qualified to do the job. The cries of outrage from Christian Conservatives would be so loud that American wouldn’t be able to hear the tweets about Kim Kardashian’s ass or Justin Bieber’s latest staged arrest created to keep him from becoming fully irrelevant in popular culture.

I make this point because the executive order signed by President Obama strengthens the job anti-discrimination laws on the books to include the deep dark secret of American hiring in regard to the LGBTQ community. Everyone cannot be as fortune as I to live in a place and work in a place where simply put nobody cares about your sexual orientation or gender identity; America is just beginning its journey in that direction with miles to go before being “orientation blind.” Conservative pundits took to their computers once again with their first world persecution stories shortly after the ceremony on 21 July 2014.

Of course, the right will reach back to the RFRA to cite their religious beliefs are being restricted by government. When you really examine this what this controversy really is bringing to light is the desire of conservatives to codify their bigotry. To the right straight is moral and gay is immoral; this is a religious belief not a known fact or established law. To be sure, there are those on the right who want their in public moralizing made the law of the land as a first step toward creating a Christian law government which in less than a decade would reduce America to a Taliban like third world country.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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In my travels I hear quite a bit about low information voters. There seem to be quite a bit of people who become low information voters because once the boxes that appeal to them have been ticked, they cease to listen to anything that deviates from their beliefs. This can happen on both sides of the political divide in America today. I have seen this recently, meaning over the past six years more on the Right than the Left.


A recent post at can act as a clear illustration of this premise. Sarah Palin’s facebook post about celebrating Freedom and not Government was met with harsh criticism from the Left which provoked harsh responses from the Right. As much as this was expected, I was surprised when a commenter tried to compare and contrast the stands that Palin takes vice what he feels as a conservative what Obama/Clinton stand for politically:

2016 Presidential Election

Gov. Sarah Palin:
1. conservative
2. loving God
3. loving founding fathers
4. saving unborn babies
5. supporting traditional marriage, morality, responsibility
6. defender of U.S. Constitution
7. less government control and regulations and more individual’s freedom/liberty
8. low taxes/letting people keep more of what they earned
9. energy INDEPENDENT/drilling and fracking for more gas and oil to create jobs
10. reducing debts for future generations
11. cutting irresponsible spendings
12. free market capitalism/
no crony capitalism
13. no coporate welfare/foodstamps/bailouts
14. helping the helpless, not the clueless
15. no rewarding bad behaviors
16. SAVING America from bankruptcy
17. RESTORING America’s greatness

Obama/Clinton (2 faces of the same coin):
1. liberal/progressive
2. hating God
3. hating founding fathers
4. agreeing with China on killing unborn babies
5. supporting gay/lesbian (i.e. uncle/aunt and nephew/niece, 2 brothers,
2 sisters, …), immorality, irresponsiblity
5. supporting immorality, irresponsiblity, gay/lesbian marriage between 2
individuals (i.e. a man and a woman, 2 men, 2 women, uncle/aunt and nephew/niece,
2 brothers, 2 sisters, …)
6. attacker of U.S. Constitution
7. more government control/regulations and less individual’s freedom/liberty
8. high taxes/ripping off people
9. energy dependent/man caused global warming or climate chaos
10. more debts for future generations
11. more irresponsible spendings
12. socialism/
crony capitalism
13. more coporate welfare/foodstamps/bailouts
14. getting the clueless/useful idiots become addicted to free stuffs/entitlement programs
15. rewarding bad behaviors/illegal immigrants (undocumented democrats),
DESERTER/TRAITOR Bowe Bergdahl, … etc.
17. TRANSFORMING America into some socialist utopia

For the purpose of clarity I feel it is my duty to point out the fallacies and misinformation in this list. The poster has clearly placed his/her own beliefs into what he feels a proper candidate for President should hold as values when in fact none of these are true factors in what makes someone suitable to hold the highest elected office in America. Once again, a conservative is trying to use “shaming” and the fear of ostracism by not being accepted by a group he feels is the majority to elevate an unqualified person to a state of qualification.

1. Conservative v Liberal/Progressive

Ms Palin is a conservative but in opinion she is more of TEA Party conservative than an establishment one. Ms Clinton is a pragmatist who has a more centrist political view that most political scientists would call “progressive.”

2. loving God v. hating God

I would begin with the question which God? Or even better whose God? The commenter being a conservative clearly means the Christian God as to the bulk of American conservatives this is one true god. Unfortunately for conservatives, there is no religious test for being President of the United States. Having a president that shares their religious beliefs and values might give those voters on the right a warm fuzzy but it isn’t a constitutional requirement. Equally, I see no proof from Ms Clinton’s actions as Secretary of State that she hates the Christian God or that President Obama hates the Christian God. These people are politicians not students at a theological school running for recording secretary. Religion does not matter in this debate because people can have no religion and be ethical moral people and people who wear their religion on their chests can act in terribly immoral and unethical ways.

3. Loving the founding fathers v hating the founding fathers.

I have a very big problem with the use of the word hate here but it does serve a purpose. The reference to the founding fathers of America is a dog whistle of code of white male conservatives. It means Hillary is bringing feminine power that will make white conservative men obeisant to her authority; an authority that terrifies men who have had it their way since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Second it is more code to the disrespect white conservative men feel at having to acknowledge a person of color as their Chief Executive. As much as it causes eye rolling on the Right the bigotry on the Right regarding America’s first black president has been a torrent of disrespect as has never been seen in American politics. Of course, to say this it becomes clear that Palin as a candidate will bow to male hegemony and respect and protect white male conservative unearned privilege.

4. saving unborn babies v agreeing with China on killing unborn babies

As I have written many times the abortion debate is less about sex and more about demographics. For decades the fear that their would become a balance between the majority white American population and the minority population has fueled the anti-abortion movement. Sure there are a small percentage of people from the minority camp that see this as a moral issue but the bulk of the anti-abortion power brokers are in this fight not for God but for votes. If the numbers of white women in the south and Midwest having abortions dwindled to near zero many of the people who pour billions into the anti-abortion crusade would spent their political capital elsewhere. It really doesn’t matter what a President palin thinks about unborn babies what really matters is that Roe v Wade is settled case law.

5. Supporting traditional marriage, morality and responsibility v supporting gay/lesbian (i.e. uncle/aunt and nephew/niece, 2 brothers,
2 sisters, …), immorality, irresponsiblity [sic] supporting immorality, irresponsiblity [sic], gay/lesbian marriage between 2 individuals (i.e. a man and a woman, 2 men, 2 women, uncle/aunt and nephew/niece, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, …)

Since I don’t have the time nor the desire to write a multichapter several hundred page work of non fiction on this topic I will distill my comments to a few sentences. Traditional marriage one hundred years ago, in 1914, meant in several states that only a man and a woman of the same race could marry and that the woman had no property rights within that marriage. Just over fifty years later traditional marriage had changed to allow men and women of different races to marry, something that would have caused a firestorm of controversy in 1914 much like the controversy in America surrounding same sex marriage in 2014. The comment attempts, poorly, to conflate two men or two women marrying with incest which is illegal in every state in the Union. Despite a federal ruling, 12 states still have anti-sodomy laws on the books making sex between those of the same gender illegal and oral and anal sex among married couples illegal as well. I don’t know of a single advocate for same sex marriage who wants siblings to be able to marry each other or parents to be able to marry children. This line of thinking is horribly fallacious.

6. Defender of the Constitution v attacker of the COnstitution

Yet another code word canard for “in support of white privilege v attacker of white privilege.”

7. less government control and regulations and more individual’s freedom/liberty v more government control/regulations and less individual’s freedom/liberty

There is little Sarah Palin can do to make America more individually free. In reality one of the things conservatives understand the least is that of the rules one has to follow on a daily basis in America local and state laws come into play far more than federal regulations. I believe this commenter is making an appeal here against ObamaCare, poorly, and a veiled reference to Progressives wanting to take guns away from the American people.

8. low taxes/letting people keep more of what they earned v high taxes/ripping off people

I have always liked the argument of allowing people who want to pay no taxes to have to put a coin in their toilet to flush it each time and then see how they feel about taxation. None of these conservatives seem to be able to twig to the notion that it isn’t the taxes it’s the wages. Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and one would see a renaissance in the American economy that might hold until the early decades of the 22nd century according to our lead economist Carlton Pryor. The only people being ripped off in America are those who have lost middle class status, the truly disabled and those working 40 hours a week for minimum wage being called “moochers” by the Right.

9. energy INDEPENDENT/drilling and fracking for more gas and oil to create jobs v energy dependent/man caused global warming or climate chaos

There is a cancer in the minds of conservatives that America would be energy independent if they could just control two branches of the government. That is one of the greatest economic and political lies ever told. Conservatives like the commenter still believe that if America drills for its own oil they could produce the 22 million bbl a day they need to keep the freedom of cars and personal transportation which is at the heart of their belief about freedom. Many petroleum scientists feel that close to half of the oil in the ground on Terra has been removed. The Rham Institute for Resource Studies estimates that by 2020 45% of the oil will have been pumped and by 2050 that number will be 55%. It would seem prident that in the coming decades America would want to keep some of its own oil in the ground. However, the drilling on government land, in Alasaka’s ANWR would not result in lower prices because the market sets the price based on supply. Over supply by America would be met with reduced production by OPEC. According to an April 2014 report of American oil resources 43% of oil was locked in federal lands and the total oil reserves on and offshore were 67.41 billion bbl. At current usage rates this would last 8.7 years. I’m agnostic on global warming or climate change; I’ll leave that debate to climate scientists.

10. reducing debts for future generations v more debts for future generations

Where were these cries during the Reagan and Bush II years?

11. cutting irresponsible spendings [sic] v more irresponsible spendings [sic]

I don’t know what irresponsible spending Obama has done that has harmed the US economy. Palin has had no experience since resigning as Alaska Governor so she doesn’t have any federal budgetary experience. Per Carlton Pryor, Lead Economist TED-OG, “[She] was a supporter of the war in Iraq which was a waste of $3 trillion which would have nearly fully reversed the Great Recession by paying $32,000 to every working American over the age of 16. This would have been a more prudent measure had the Great Recession been properly foreseen.”

12. free market capitalism/no crony capitalism v socialism

This is another red herring. America is a curious economic admixture of socialism [Social Security, Medicaid] and capitalism [tax breaks for oil companies and off shore accounts for corporate persons]. I can only imagine this is a feaful swipe at Obama/Clinton and knowing that if HRC is elected single payer will come to pass by the end of her first term.

13. no coporate [sic] welfare/foodstamps/bailouts v more coporate [sic] welfare/foodstamps/bailouts

Where do I begin? This seems to go against the religious ethic of helping the poor, but that would be a facile digression. Once again, Carlton Pryor, “The bank bailout, done during the Bush II administration was a necessary first step toward pushing back from the precipice of Depression. Had this and the Stimulus not been done we would not be having this conversation but rather a conversation about whether America would recover economically in time to save itself as a nation. Now with the American economy finally healing a 2016 election of Ms Palin and retrograde economists that would advise her would be to run headlong toward that cliff and leap, on faith, to demise.”

14. helping the helpless, not the clueless v getting the clueless/useful idiots become addicted to free stuffs/entitlement programs

Well I would imagine this commenter want President Palin to do away with Social Security, which is an entitlement program and allow millions of Baby Boomers to be reduced to eating pet food or starving to death in the streets. This isn’t hyperbole, this is what would happen under this sort of draconian economic policy.

15. no rewarding bad behaviors v rewarding bad behaviors/illegal immigrants (undocumented democrats), DESERTER/TRAITOR Bowe Bergdahl, … etc.

Bad behaviors are most often not rewarded in America. Counties, cities and states all have laws to punish criminals. On the immigration front I stand on the fact that what made America great were the immigrants who to this day provide the diversity needed to maintain a powerful democracy. Bergdahl? I’ll leave that to the Judge Advocate General to investigate his status and whether a Court Martial is required.

16. Saving America from bankruptcy v Bankrupting America

I honestly don’ t know what Palin can do, without a cooperative Congress, from 2017 until 2021 to save America from bankruptcy. If anything her administration’s potential policies will send America into that abyss.

17. Restoring America’s greatness v TRANSFORMING America into some socialist utopia

Did you hear the dog whistle? More need for male white privilege to keep “the Other” from taking their share of the American Dream.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Ciu Cava daelth Nixhot, J.F.. D.S.V.J.
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Back from a good long rest after covering events here in Hell that most of the Living would find rather uninteresting, but I’m sure there will be some explanation of the changes that have taken place here later.–F.S.

Over the past terrestrial month or so, while I have been covering the coal miner’s strike in Sheol and the resignation of the conservative dominated government there events in the United States, politically, have remained a stagnant pool of shallow water. Marriage equality has captured a few more states that understand that the right to marry is both a constitutional right and a moral one. Conservatives have hit out at President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the non scandal that is Benghazi. The GOP establishment has done all it could to begin the cutting out of its TEA Party elements and the first cuts during the primaries have been bloody and painful for the Right.

Meahwhile in Isla Vista, California on the night of the Deltopia party this past April a mostly white crowd of college students rioted much as a mostly white crowd of students in Massachusetts rioted at a St Patrick’s day party and the conservative blogosphere made its usual excuses for them. Last night in the same region of America a man fired shots into a crowd at the University of California at Santa Barbara killing seven people.

hindsight 2295
In Hindsight
I’m convinced that the mentality of the average conservative has become so bitter that they actually believe that when a mostly white crowd of 15,000 is moved to violence and an attack on law enforcement then the cops must have provoked the violence, but when a smaller crowd of blacks or Latinos gather then it is incumbent on the cops to use whatever force they deem necessary to “restore law and order.” Something the think on over your holiday weekend.

The staff will back in full on Monday . . .

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
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