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Corporations are in the business of providing a service, producing a product and foremost to make a profit. In the past few years we have seen where some corporations will engage in those practices to the detriment of their national economies. Recently, Majordomo Pain posted a clip from the movie “Too Big to Fail” and it resonates with the topic I’m discussing this morning.

Here in Hell’s capital, Dis, there is a level of progressive diversity unparalleled anywhere in the Known Universe. More than 100 sentient, Soul Bearing, species live and work together at a level of harmony that still boggles the mind of new arrivals to the Afterlife. Most conservative people in America believe in an Afterlife but to them it is a place of punishment for those they dislike or have offended their idea of a Creator [Hell] and a place of reward for those they have loved or were related to in the First Lives [Heaven]. In this they’re half right at least. Both places exist but the they are terribly wrong on the details. But that’s another topic for another Sunday post.

"Malice in LaLaLand" DVD Release Party Presented by Miss Lucifer Productions and Vivid Entertainment - Inside

Today I’m writing about corporations and how they do their business and affect the lives of people. In Los Angeles, Chanel Preston, an adult film star depicted above, had her business account closed at City National Bank for what she was told were “moral reasons” due to the webcam shows on her site. As many of you know banks do have a wide amount of latitude in regard to who they make loans to and who they allow to have business accounts. City national, to its credit was one of the banks that took moral hazard seriously and did not engage, best that we can tell, in the subprime mortgage lending and credit default swap shenanigans that led to the Great Recession. However, it does come as a shock to me that one of L.A.’s biggest banks, often considered the ‘bank of the stars” has taken such a conservative stance.


Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress who sought to run for Senate in Louisiana in 2009, has also run into difficulty with a corporate entity. This one is Alamo Rental and it appears from tweets sent by Daniels last night that she was told by an employee that she had been placed on a “no rent” list. Daniels went to the self check in kiosk and got her rental car which make this writer wonder if it wasn’t a personal “moral choice’ on the part of this Alamo employee and not the corporation as an organization. Daniels who declared herself a Republican in 2009 when she was seeking public office has some very progressive views on social issues and is very open about them on her Twitter feed.

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