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This one first:

The true freeloaders cannot, at this point, be converted…but the single mom working 40 hours a week who also gets $200 a month in SNAP can be brought over…not by an appeal for lower taxes (she pays hardly any) or by an appeal to the Constitution (she probably couldn’t accurately give even one of the rights in the Bill of Rights), but by explaining to her that she’s struggling because the liberals she votes for are stealing from her.

As I see it the true freeloaders in America are not those who cannot work, or even those who refuse to work. Instead they are the corporations who make millions and sometimes billions in profits yet feel they need tax breaks from the government while refusing to hire new workers even when that new income would inject new steam in the US consumer economy. Those entities who want the rights of individuals cannot be converted.
Regarding the single mother who gets SNAP benefits Mark Noonan assumes many things with his statement. He assumes that single mothers are ignorant of history while not taking into account the revisionist notions that he himself holds as truth regarding the Constitution. An appeal to the document that governs the United States simply does not interest anyone save for those who feel there is no other means by which to argue against a President that they feel is the Other. Keep in mind that there were not any such appeals during the Clinton years save from those of militias and fringe groups like the Branch Davidians.

Then there’s this:

I presume you mean that there are non-negotiable items which God has decreed and we must follow, come what may. I agree with that. We Christians have been tossed to lions before and if we’re to be so tossed again for our faith, then we’ll give glory to God for the honor. But our duty does lie in escape if that be possible – we are never to court martyrdom. As long as we are not being directly complicit in an immoral act, we’re fine – that immorality will go on all around us does not effect us unless we participate. This, I think, is what liberals don’t get – we don’t have a reason to stop people from doing wrong, but we must never be compelled to in any way, shape or form participate in it…so, we can’t bake a cake for gay marriage, nor pay for things which will buy abortion for others. If it comes down to that where I am to be forced by our government to participate in evil, then I’ll refuse and suffer what I must…though I hope, if it ever comes to that, that I’ll have the courage of a Cristero.
But we can still work with people – even, at times, with people who are ok with immorality. Tactical alliances can be made in the service of the larger good – if having a libertarian in favor of gay marriage yet gets me to the point where the laws will forbid anyone from forcing me to participate directly or indirectly in gay marriage, then that libertarian is my ally. I think we can cobble together a majority which will allow us to save the nation and, in the by and by, restore it to Judeo-Christian morality…but it will be an odd assortment of people, to begin with.

Mark Noonan has said many times that he will not side with liars. Anyone who is in favor of marriage equality is in Noonan’s eyes a liar. But now he is willing to “negotiate” on some things as long as this negotiation leads to the sort of Theocratic governmental success that he feels is the only true path for America. This is sad when you consider that the vast majority of problems that America faces these days are not simply moral issues but are issues of economics and secular law.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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