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Now being Progressive doesn’t mean you’ll always get what you want and it also doesn’t mean that conservatives or those just fed up that they aren’t getting their way anymore will be happy. Big Fur hat at falls into the latter category. BFH, I can call him that since we’re so close now, seems to think that much of America’s problems are due to “The Left” when in reality America’s problems are because America hasn’t solved them in fast food time like BFH would like.

Now BFH is a total anti-Islam guy, different from the group here because we’re anti-theocracy, not anti-religion. I can point to numerous occasions where a politician’s religion has pushed them to create legislation because there have 55,000,000 abortions in the last 40 years. Okay, how many times do i have to say I cannot be shamed by this number? I honestly don’t give a fuck about how many abortions are performed or have been performed or will be performed because I’m not desperate to keep up in the breeding race with another tribe. I would think BFH a man with his own special branch of conservative delusion would think that how ever many Latino and black babies not being born would be a plus. Not him he’s right in there with the rest of the right wing anti-abortion loonies who see some mandate from somewhere. I dunno maybe his girlfriend aborted his only chance at having a kid. if that’s the case at least there’s some basis for the animus.

I got off track didn’t I? Oh, yeah, a man beat the crap out of his daughters for making a twerking video and trying to post to Facebook®
Twerking for those of you who don’t know is considered porn by BFH. he even pointed out to me that these girls are 12 and 14. Okay beating the shit out of your daughters with a wire cord for this:

appears to be cool with BFH. But isn’t that just how conservatives are? Any personal expression that doesn’t involve money [It seems BFH is really pissed about copyright laws because some guy that did something killed himself over intellectual property rights?] and involves short and a tee shirt seems to send BFH straight through to the moon. I just don’t get that and once again BFH tries to shame me, make me out to be a pedophile even by saying that I would condone the upload of the girls video. What the fuck? That would be better than having to watch another minute of the beating:

What BFH and the other drooling idiots at his site didn’t mention is the father Greg Horn was arrested and rightly so charged with child endangerment and corporal punishment. Like I’ve said this is the kind of shit that turns right wing idiots on. I asked BFH for his definition of pornography but the secular non gun loving conservative hasn’t gotten back to me on that one yet.

hindsight 2155
In Hindsight

For the record the girls weren’t twerking as some blogger probably started a rumor:

Although it was initially reported that the girls were beaten for recording themselves twerking, they told police they were beaten for sneaking out of the house.

Pax Terra!

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