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The Internet child of Matt Margolis and Mark Edward Noonan, BlogsforVictory, which began as BlogsforBush a digital apologist for the unjust war in Iraq, is down as of midnight last night. There is no explanation I can find except they didn’t update their account at I am sure they will whip out a credit card and renew the blog and return to their opining about what’s wrong with Terra from an authoritarian conservative perspective. This blog has fought many wars with them especially socio-political ones. The fact that Noonan cannot bear to see the nude human image was likely the reason anyone who worked for The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork were banned from commenting there. If this is the end of BlogsforVictory I must admit a measure of sadness. Nothing made me happier than reading Noonan’s predictions of conservatives winning presidential elections only to see him have to eat his words on the following Wednesday. The hypocritical gut twisting the likes of Amazona, tiredoflibbs and Count d’Haricots were forced to engage in as the war in Iraq went south due to no WMDs being found. At the start of B4B back before the turn of the century conservatives likely thought they had a renaissance on their hands in the first decade of the new century. 9/11 reinforced that for them. Then the grand social pendulum started to swing toward the Progressives. Same sex marriage and abortion rights are still law in America even though the latter has seen states chip away at a woman’s right to choose. Over the last six years the two electoral victories of President Barack Hussein Obama has lit the fuse to the bomb that will eventually blow up the GOP and fracture the Right irreparably for at least a generation. BlogsforVictory, and blogs like them that required conservative ideological purity, have been more responsible for the coming demise of the GOP than any action by President Obama, Progressive elected officials or even Liberal bloggers like me. Maybe Noonan and his fellow travelers in theocratic conservative authoritarianism will rally behind a single candidate that they wish to see elected the nominee in 2016. Palin isn’t a favorite for Noonan; nor is Dr Ben Carson but I could see a BlogsforCruz2016 rising from the ashes of B4V in the coming months filled with the same improbable enthusiasm that they had for McCain and Romney over the last two election cycles. If there is one thing I can give them credit for after so many poor predictions is that they are consistent in their blind belief that they are the majority in the face of proof to the contrary.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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