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CNN may be the middle path for real journalism once again. MSNBC and Fox are clearly partisan and there’s little political hay that can be made out of paying your respects to innocent people savagely taken. CNN is once again a class act. A kel’hesh’ar is being said for the victims today in Dis on 16h 00m HST.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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Here’s a headline that if it was reported at the Drudge Report would result in tens of millions of eyes on the page and a hundred million clicks on links. This story would be the proof of the attempt of Progressives to destroy America as a Christian nation. The company in question, however, could stand on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012 which was used in the Hobby Lobby decision citing their lack of religious belief is their belief and thereby they wish to surround themselves with like minded people who are qualified to do the job. The cries of outrage from Christian Conservatives would be so loud that American wouldn’t be able to hear the tweets about Kim Kardashian’s ass or Justin Bieber’s latest staged arrest created to keep him from becoming fully irrelevant in popular culture.

I make this point because the executive order signed by President Obama strengthens the job anti-discrimination laws on the books to include the deep dark secret of American hiring in regard to the LGBTQ community. Everyone cannot be as fortune as I to live in a place and work in a place where simply put nobody cares about your sexual orientation or gender identity; America is just beginning its journey in that direction with miles to go before being “orientation blind.” Conservative pundits took to their computers once again with their first world persecution stories shortly after the ceremony on 21 July 2014.

Of course, the right will reach back to the RFRA to cite their religious beliefs are being restricted by government. When you really examine this what this controversy really is bringing to light is the desire of conservatives to codify their bigotry. To the right straight is moral and gay is immoral; this is a religious belief not a known fact or established law. To be sure, there are those on the right who want their in public moralizing made the law of the land as a first step toward creating a Christian law government which in less than a decade would reduce America to a Taliban like third world country.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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In one of the most wealthy countries on Terra people are crying out about their oppression. A segment of the American population wants to send the world a dire warning that the early steps being taken now will lead to a massive shift in their rights and freedoms and likely will lead to a Holocaust style slaughter in the near future. All of this is because of their religion and social values. Some in this group say the horrors they have suffered can no longer be tolerated in any civilized country. What are the actions taken by these oppressors against this group? Are these people being forced to wear yellow crosses on their clothing? Are their book stores and bakeries being vandalized? Are their women being raped in the streets and their houses of worship desecrated and burnt to the ground?

No, no they aren’t because the group of people I am talking about are America conservative Christians. Over the past weekend a movie debuted in 736 theaters across America called, “Persecuted,” telling the story of an evangelist framed for the murder of a teenage girl and the government conspiracy to rid America of Christianity. That’s it. If you’ve read the last sentence you’ve seen the whole movie. The film stars Bruce Davison, Dean Stockwell, Fred Thompson and Gretchen Carlson. Yes, that Gretchen Carlson the Fox News host. Rumor has it that since shooting Stockwell is still showering trying to get the yuck of the poor plot off him.

The film grossed a whopping $851,391 over the weekend but that didn’t stop Christian Toto at Breitbart from writing an article touting the strong performance the movie had “in the Heartland.” Strong performance? The movie took in $1156.78 per theater which begs a serious question. If this is the type of fare conservatives say they want from Hollywood, why don’t they patronize these films? Toto says in his post, “Another film eager to entertain right of center audiences also made noise over the weekend. Persecuted tells the story of an evangelist (James Remar) framed for murder, a plot tied to a warped alliance between faith and the government.”

Made noise? Well I guess a whimper is a noise. And the “strong in the heartland” comment? Toto explains that the movie outperformed new releases like “Sex Tape” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” in Cincinnati, Wichita, Philadelphia, Memphis, Columbus and Wilkes-Barre. I’m not a dempgrapher or a geography expert but since when were Wilkes-Barre and Philadelphia in the “heartland?”

So where exactly did Christian Toto get his theater data? Well this article posted at the digital arm of the Oklahoma City CBS affiliate, posted an article which quotes a PRNewswrire release from One Media LLC the film’s production company. What Toto left out was how universally panned the film was by just about every film critic. The New York Times, Hollywood Reporter and Variety all lambasted “Persecuted” with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 0% rating.

Here’s the trailer:

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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The main news of Terra follows the ellipses . . .

Egypt hopeful of new peace talks.

Russian officer shot down MH 17?

Kabul suicide bomber kills four.

Coca-Cola 2Q earnings beat estimate.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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After being handed his ass by one of the smart kids in the room, Neocon1, a banned former commenter at Blogs for Victory and regular commenter at Glen Beck’s The Blaze, replied the following to Sarah Bloch our culture wars writer regarding Hillary Clinton’s defense of a client accused of rape in 1975:

and you call your self a compassionate human being and a woman?
Then I hope you or your daughter get brutally raped by two men, beaten half to death, then have some complete scumbag bloodsucking lawyer call you a whore responsible for the crime against you…..then come back then and sing the virtues of hillary…….

I would expect any good attorney to attack the investigation, the evidence, the police, but to LIE, disparage, and brutally attack a poor 12yo girl is beyond the pale…but hey you and your ilk freely MURDER your babies so why would you feel any different for a 12yo?
Ghouls who will one day be in the REAL Hell not the fantasy land you play in today…

Sarah, ever the professional journalist replied:

I am a compassionate Human being Neocon1. This is why I can allow your post to stand and not go running back to my beads crying outrage about someone wishing rape on me and my child or feigning faux outrage about my country being disparaged.
She wasn’t a scumbag lawyer as you put it she gave her client the same legal defense that anyone should get under the circumstances. I do find it very interesting sir that even the slightest changes to gun laws, that allow you to keep your guns but challenge their universal sale to adults who simply have the cash and the ability to walk out of an auditorium brings out the truly acidic and ghoulish responses against shooting victims but yet you feel because you are judge, jury and executioner a man accused is a man guilty.

Were this your son accused of this brutal crime I would hope that you would want someone to be as vigorous in his defense. Clinton simply followed the findings of the state psychologist who determined that the girl had sexual fantasies of a nature advanced for her age in their professional opinion and would have testified to that finding under oath. To sweep this under the table would have been a crime which would have lead to Clinton, or any other attorney appointed by a court as defense counsel to be disbarred. The United States Constitution is designed to keep the the justice system from becoming a star chamber and to protect citizens, even those found guilty from the cruel and unusual punishment that conservatives lust for so deeply for anyone they feel has deviated from their Dominionist morality. You and those who think like you are no different from apostate Muslims who in their hearts believe they are “chosen” and that Allah commands them to murder. Stop being a Christianist and work on being a Christian and you will see that the Progressives are doing the work of the guy you say you worship.

Now that is top class . . .

I had to chime in and I’m sure others here will as well:

Neocon1 you once again give me a look inside the head of a conservative. This isn’t about politics to you guys anymore. Religion or your moral beliefs isn’t really the important [see Nancy Reagan's infidelity and Ronald Reagan's affair with an 18 year old coed for more] factor. This is about the control of society and those things are only tools to be used to live as you wish while keeping others from what you have. The conservative way is nothing more than an orgy of “do as I say not as I do.” it is a lie wrapped in lovely Jim and Tammy sets, Jerry Falwell brimstone sermons, Catholic Mass incense and a pretense of love and affection for Israel and the Jewish people until you don’t need them after the Rapture. And even that’s a front to keep the poor white trash sending TBN preachers their hard earned gelt to make sure they get to hold the whip hand after Death.

Sad and shitty to wish rape on a woman who I, personally, saw weep and light a candle for your grandchild when you were going through troubling times. And no Sarah doesn’t need your apology America just needs to be rid of the archaic people like you who think they are self made, morally pure and chosen over all others because they are straight white and male. Let me give you a news flash Neocon1 the Creator of the Universe loves all of us–equally. Now how does that fit into your worldview?

hindsight 2127
In Hindsight

Of course Neocon1 will say for the 863,191st time that we are Christian haters, anti-white bigots and communist faggot sympathizers. Well, actually no we aren’t any of those derisive things. We would appreciate it if as the linked post states conservatives would actually act more like Christians. Real Christians not the dime store made in the Confederacy version that gave you Birthers, TEA Partiers and the Palin 2016 crowd. For fuck;s sake people have an original thought in your heads that you didn’t hear from Rush, Hannity or read at the Drudge Report. Stop being more concerned about the abortion of a woman you don’t know and help your fucking next door neighbor who’s struggling. Stop being so concerned about two people you don’t know of the same sex getting married and help by strengthening your own marriage. Cease being bigots about immigration and embrace just how wonderful the diversity in America truly is. Quit wishing it would all just go to shit in a class and ideological civil war just because you are in the last twenty years of your life and you are jealous that there will be more history after you are gone. I beg of you conservative Americans stop being moralizing vessels for hate and start being HUMAN BEINGS. Your very Soul depends on your actions.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
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Neocon1 a frequent and acerbic commenter here at The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork recently posted a comment with a link to an American Thinker article written by Danusha V. Goska detailing ten reasons she is no longer a “leftist.” To Ms Goska I say, good for you. She has come to the realization in the fall of her life that she needs religion and has a more conservative view on the world. Once again, good for her.

Within the post, which has gone viral on conservative blogs, she points to a case that Hillary Clinton took as a legal aid lawyer in 1975 where a 12 year old girl had been raped. Clinton got the charges in the case reduced for her client, Thomas Alfred Taylor which is her job no matter how odious the circumstances. I would do no less for my own client in any case. Glenn Thrush in 2008 while at Newsday documents the case which I post here in full:


“In a presidential campaign focused on the future, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama spend a lot of time talking about their pasts.

Both lean heavily on tales of early, formative experiences – she running a law clinic in Arkansas, he as a community organizer in Chicago – to show they understand the problems of average people.

Now the race for the Democratic nomination is coming down to its decisive contests, with Clinton locked in a do-or-die struggle to wrest that prize from an increasingly confident Obama, who appears poised to make history.

Voters in battleground states such as Ohio and Texas are still trying to take the measure of the two contenders – and for both candidates, these vignettes are a critical part of forging bonds with fellow Democrats.

Obama, for instance, grew up in Hawaii and briefly lived in New York – but returns time and again in speeches to the streets of Chicago’s South Side, where he tried to help residents of the city’s forgotten neighborhoods build a better life.

He offers that time to illustrate his real-life experience – a gritty counterpoint to Clinton’s time in Washington, a way to combat charges that his stints in the Illinois state legislature and the U.S. Senate don’t add up to the foundation to be president.

For Clinton, her time in Arkansas is a key component of the argument that her three decades of public service have prepared her to be president on Day One.

As the first woman with a serious chance to lead the nation, it’s a way for her to demonstrate how she fought to improve the lives of families and children.

Hillary Rodham Clinton often invokes her “35 years of experience making change” on the campaign trail, recounting her work in the 1970s on behalf of battered and neglected children and impoverished legal-aid clients.

But there is a little-known episode Clinton doesn’t mention in her standard campaign speech in which those two principles collided. In 1975, a 27-year-old Hillary Rodham, acting as a court-appointed attorney, attacked the credibility of a 12-year-old girl in mounting an aggressive defense for an indigent client accused of rape in Arkansas – using her child development background to help the defendant.

The case offers a glimpse into the way Clinton deals with crisis. Her approach, then and now, was to immerse herself in even unpleasant tasks with a will to win, an attitude captured in one of her favorite aphorisms: “Bloom where you’re planted.”

It also came at a crucial moment in her personal life, less than a year after she followed boyfriend Bill Clinton down to Arkansas – a time when she struggled to gain a foothold in a new state while maintaining her own professional identity.

“Bill was out front,” said Tim Tarvin, one of Rodham’s student assistants at the University of Arkansas Law School legal aid clinic. “But Hillary was running just as hard behind the scenes, battling just as hard for acceptance.”

In May 1975, Washington County prosecutor Mahlon Gibson called Rodham, who had taken over the law clinic months earlier, to tell her she’d been appointed to represent a hard-drinking factory worker named Thomas Alfred Taylor, who had requested a female attorney.

In her 2003 autobiography “Living History,” Clinton writes that she initially balked at the assignment, but eventually secured a lenient plea deal for Taylor after a New York-based forensics expert she hired “cast doubt on the evidentiary value of semen and blood samples collected by the sheriff’s office.”

However, that account leaves out a significant aspect of her defense strategy – attempting to impugn the credibility of the victim, according to a Newsday examination of court and investigative files and interviews with witnesses, law enforcement officials and the victim.

Rodham, records show, questioned the sixth grader’s honesty and claimed she had made false accusations in the past. She implied that the girl often fantasized and sought out “older men” like Taylor, according to a July 1975 affidavit signed “Hillary D. Rodham” in compact cursive.

Echoing legal experts, Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson says the senator would have been committing professional misconduct if she hadn’t given Taylor the best defense possible.

“As she wrote in her book, ‘Living History,’ Senator Clinton was appointed by the Circuit Court of Washington County, Arkansas to represent Mr. Taylor in this matter,” he said. “As an attorney and an officer of the court, she had an ethical and legal obligation to defend him to the fullest extent of the law. To act otherwise would have constituted a breach of her professional responsibilities.”

Seen as an aggressive defense

Rodham, legal and child welfare experts say, did nothing unethical by attacking the child’s credibility – although they consider her defense of Taylor to be aggressive.

“She was vigorously advocating for her client. What she did was appropriate,” said Andrew Schepard, director of Hofstra Law School’s Center for Children, Families and the Law. “He was lucky to have her as a lawyer … In terms of what’s good for the little girl? It would have been hell on the victim. But that wasn’t Hillary’s problem.”

The victim, now 46, told Newsday that she was raped by Taylor, denied that she wanted any relationship with him and blamed him for contributing to three decades of severe depression and other personal problems.

“It’s not true, I never sought out older men – I was raped,” the woman said in an interview in the fall. Newsday is withholding her name as the victim of a sex crime.

With all the anguish she’d felt over the case in the years since, there was one thing she never realized – that the lawyer for the man she reviles was none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“I have to understand that she was representing Taylor,” she said when interviewed in prison last fall. “I’m sure Hillary was just doing her job.”

In late 1974, Rodham arrived in Fayetteville, Ark., after working for nearly a year on the legal staff of the House committee investigating Watergate. Her friends thought she was throwing away a promising big-city career, but she was intent on helping her boyfriend Bill Clinton get elected to Congress that year and was intrigued by her new job running the university’s nascent legal aid clinic.

She viewed Fayetteville, a pleasantly provincial college town dominated by Razorbacks football, as a layover, she told friends at the time. Bill would be elected to Congress, she reasoned, and she would move back to Washington to work with her mentor, Marian Wright Edelman, on children’s causes.

Her life, as would so often happen through the years, diverged from the script. Before the clinic was up and running, Rodham was forced to wage a protracted battle with a local judge named Tom Butt to grant students permission to represent poor clients. Next, Bill Clinton lost his congressional race, effectively stranding her in Arkansas while he plotted a run for attorney general. Then came the agonizing Taylor case.

‘She was just a real bulldog’

Rodham immersed herself in the work, people involved in the case say, mounting a ferocious and exhaustively researched defense that made a strong impression on some in the male-dominated legal community in northern Arkansas.

“She was just a real bulldog – a real bulldog,” said former Washington County prosecutor Mahlon Gibson, her opponent in the case.

Susan Carroll, senior scholar at the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, says Clinton’s attitude toward her work in Arkansas foreshadowed the workaholic approach she’s adopted today in her uphill battle against Barack Obama.

“I think Hillary prides herself on being someone who throws themselves 100 percent into an issue. Sometimes that’s worked for her, sometimes it hasn’t,” said Carroll. “She showed when she was trying to implement health reform, she just put her nose to the grindstone and that didn’t work out. She’s doing it now. She just has faith that the hard work will pay off.”

On May 21, 1975, Tom Taylor rose in court to demand that Washington County Judge Maupin Cummings allow him to fire his male court-appointed lawyer in favor of a female attorney. Taylor, who earned a meager wage at a paper bag factory and lived with relatives, had already spent 10 days in the county jail and was grasping for a way to avoid a 30 years-to-life term in the state penitentiary for rape.

Taylor, 41, figured a jury would be less hostile to a rape defendant represented by a woman, according to one of his friends. Cummings agreed to the request, scanned the list of available female attorneys (there were only a half dozen in the county at the time) and assigned Rodham, who had virtually no experience in criminal litigation.

“Hillary told me she didn’t want to take that case, she made that very clear,” recalls prosecutor Gibson, who phoned her with the judge’s order.

“I didn’t feel comfortable taking on such a client, but Mahlon gently reminded me that I couldn’t very well refuse the judge’s request,” the eventual first lady writes in “Living History.”

The case, she quickly learned, was hopelessly convoluted, hinging on the accounts of three people – Taylor, the girl and a 15-year-old boy – who all had reasons to withhold details.

Finding out precisely what happened in the pre-dawn hours of May 10, 1975, is difficult three decades later, particularly since Taylor died in 1992 of a heart ailment. But a basic outline can be reconstructed from interviews, court documents, witnesses’ statements and the Washington County sheriff’s original case file, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Sometime around midnight, the girl was sleeping over at a friend’s house in Springdale when Taylor and his 20-year-old cousin walked in, asking if anyone wanted to take a drive. The sixth-grader, who says she was bored and wanted to buy a soda, jumped into Taylor’s beat-up red 1963 Chevrolet pickup truck.

Soon after, they picked up the 15-year-old boy and drove to a liquor store, where Taylor bought a pint of Old Grand-Dad whiskey, which he mixed for the girl in a cup of Coca-Cola, according to the boy, now a 48-year-old Army veteran. (Newsday is withholding the boy’s name because he was charged in the case as a juvenile offender.)

Allegedly drove to weedy ravine

After a few hours at a local bowling alley, the foursome crammed into Taylor’s truck and drove to a weedy ravine off a busy two-lane highway connecting the sister cities of Fayetteville and Springdale, according the sheriff’s department account.

Taylor and the older man went off for a walk, leaving the 12-year-old and the teenager alone in the cab. In a statement to police, the 15-year-old said he removed his pants and admitted to having sex, revealing the encounter only after being pressed by investigators.

Moments later, he said he left and Taylor approached the truck, climbing on top of the girl. The girl let out a scream, according to the police report, and he claims to have seen Taylor hitching up his pants.

The victim, the boy reported, turned to both of them and yelled, “You all planned this, didn’t you?”

At 4:50 a.m., the girl walked into a local emergency room, badly shaken. The doctor’s report noted that she had injuries consistent with rape. Sgt. Dale Gibson, the department’s lead investigator in the case, interviewed her as she huddled with her mother. She offered a chilling detail – a threat from Taylor and his friends. “If I did say anything about it, they would catch me out later,” she told the investigator.

Gibson (who is not related to prosecutor Mahlon Gibson) had no illusions about how hard the case would be to prove, because the girl seemed to have a romantic interest in the 15-year-old.

“She was kind of led into it,” says Gibson, now retired and living in a Dallas suburb. “My sense was that she wanted to be part of something exciting with the young guy, but it turned out to be more than she bargained for … Taylor, I think, had the idea he was going to make a man out of the young guy and jumped on when he had his chance.”

He added, “Whatever she did, the bottom line for me was that this kid was 12 and Taylor was a grown man.”

Rodham immersed herself in Taylor’s defense as the law school’s spring semester came to an end. “She worked a lot of nights on it,” said Van Gearhart, her teaching assistant at the law clinic in 1975. “I remember her doing that because she wanted to show that she was willing to take court appointments, hoping that the bar would help us in getting established as a clinic.”

John Barry Baker, the public defender Taylor fired in favor of Rodham, was struck by her intensity when he hitched a ride with her to the crime scene.

“Taylor was alleged to have raped this girl in a car right near a very busy highway – I told her it seems sort of improbable and she immediately agreed,” said Baker, who remembered Rodham as “smart, capable and very focused.”

Generated a lot of paper

During her first few months on the case, Rodham fired off no fewer than 19 subpoenas, affidavits and motions – almost as much paper as was typical for a capital murder case that year, according to case files on microfilm.

She successfully petitioned to obtain Taylor’s underwear for independent testing after the state medical examiner found traces of semen and blood. She also secured Taylor’s release on $5,000 bond after getting his boss at the factory to vouch for him.

But the record shows that Rodham was also intent on questioning the girl’s credibility. That line of defense crystallized in a July 28, 1975, affidavit requesting the girl undergo a psychiatric examination at the university’s clinic.

“I have been informed that the complainant is emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and to engage in fantasizing,” wrote Rodham, without referring to the source of that allegation. “I have also been informed that she has in the past made false accusations about persons, claiming they had attacked her body.”

Dale Gibson, the investigator, doesn’t recall seeing evidence that the girl had fabricated previous attacks. The assistant prosecutor who handled much of the case for Mahlon Gibson died several years ago. The prosecutor’s files on the case, which would have included such details, were destroyed more than decade ago when a flood swept through the county archives, Mahlon Gibson said. Those files also would have included the forensics evidence referenced in “Living History.”

The victim was visibly stunned when handed the affidavit by a reporter this fall. “It kind of shocks me – it’s not true,” she said. “I never said anybody attacked my body before, never in my life.”

In December, when Clinton was campaigning in Iowa, the woman was being released from a state prison after serving a year for forging checks to pay for her methamphetamine addiction.

She doesn’t blame Taylor for all her problems, but says the incident continues to haunt her, compounding her bouts of depression and anxiety.

“I remember a lot of bad things about what he did to me in that pickup of his,” said the woman, who says she attempted suicide a year after the incident. “I’ve had a lot of counseling and saw a psychiatrist for five to ten years … It really affected me mentally. I was always kind of scared to be alone with a guy afterwards.”

In the early 1970s, Rodham studied children with similar problems as a Yale Law School student working at the university’s renowned child study center. As part of her course work, she helped train medical personnel to identify physical and behavioral clues of child abuse at the Yale-New Haven Hospital.

“She’s clearly wired to be empathetic, concerned and can-do about children,” said Penn Rhodeen, a New Haven Legal Aid lawyer who worked with Rodham on a foster-care case while she was at Yale. “It’s personal to her.”

Rodham’s fluency on the topic is evident in her filings. “I have … been told by an expert in child psychology that children in early adolescence tend to exaggerate or romanticize sexual experience and that adolescents with disorganized families, such as the complainant’s, are even more prone to such behavior,” she wrote in her July 28 affidavit. “She exhibits an unusual stubbornness and temper when she does not get her way.”

Prosecution case crumbles

The judge granted Rodham’s request for the exam, but the results, like the other prosecution files, were apparently lost in the flood.

By the fall of 1975, the prosecution’s case was crumbling under pressure from Rodham and other factors relating to the evidence and the witnesses.

Taylor was a tight-lipped client, never wavering from his claim that he’d driven all the passengers home that night without stopping in the ravine, according to Dale Gibson. (Taylor was less guarded around his 15-year-old companion, who recalls the older man whispering “Let’s keep our stories straight” when the two met in county jail.)

Most damaging to the case, the retired detective says, was the girl’s “infatuation” with the teenage boy, which she refused to admit, leading to serious inconsistencies in her statements about the incident.

The victim says it was her mother, who had recently been abandoned by her husband, who pushed for a quick plea deal to avoid the humiliation of having her daughter testify in open court. The mother, who died several years ago, was so eager to end the ordeal she coached her daughter’s statements and interrupted interviews with police, Dale Gibson recalls.

“We both wanted it to be over with,” the victim told Newsday. “They kept asking me the same questions over and over. I was crying all the time.”

On Nov. 4 that year, Mahlon Gibson agreed to reduce the charges from first-degree rape to unlawful fondling of a minor under the age of 14, which carried a five-year sentence. During the plea hearing, Cummings asked Rodham to leave the room while sexually explicit details of the case were discussed with the girl. “I can’t talk about any of these things in front of a lady,” he told her, according to the senator’s autobiography.

She refused and Cummings interviewed the girl in court. A few minutes later, he reduced Taylor’s five-year sentence to four years probation and a year in county jail – with two months taken off for time he had already served.

Taylor was out of jail by the summer of 1976 and remained on probation until 1980. There’s no record that he was ever incarcerated or charged with a serious crime again in Arkansas orMissouri, where he relocated.

Rodham was paid a $250 retainer for her services, minus 10 percent for court costs, records show. In her book, Hillary Clinton says the case spurred her to create the first rape hotline in Arkansas.

In 2005, while working in a laundry, she stole several hundred dollars worth of checks from her boss to buy drugs. She is now living in a halfway house and looking for work.

Despite these problems, she bears Hillary Rodham Clinton no ill will and was eager to read “Living History” – at least pages 72 and 73, which contain her case.”

FACT — $250 in 1975 dollars would be worth close to $1,000 today. Still cheap by any measure.

This is supposed to be some sort of news but in reality it is an old story. It shows a lawyer doing what lawyers are paid to do–defend their clients. It is not a nothing to see here story. Stories like these should be read and understood through a clear lens; not through the lens of political ideology.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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The unedited version of my interview with General of the Skies Nuulo Isdrix, Director Laal Hethri follows below

Diane Valencen: Good morning Director, I and my readers thank you for joining me so early this morning.

General of the Skies Nuulo Isdrix: It is my pleasure Diane, to sit down with you this morning.

Valencen: Let’s get started with the Israeli incursion on the ground in Gaza. How is this conflict going to be resolved in the view of the Laal Hethri over the coming weeks?

Isdrix: This has become somewhat a wildfire issue within my directorate. Some feel that it will burn itself out; others feel it will escalate having turned on another atrocity and become a wider regional war that could, potentially, become a global conflict of massively destructive proportions. There is no crystal orb which we can look into that will give us a definitive answer. Our best analysis is that the Israelis are willing to halt their ground operations if and only if Hamas ceases its rocket attacks. There is no opinion in my directorate that Hamas has any intention of halting their rocket attacks on Israel until they are either out of rockets or all other launch capability has been destroyed. I must be clear here that this conflict is a concern for our nation here in the Afterlife because we could see an escalation based on that second scenario I mentioned above bringing Iranian mercenaries into the conflict. Such an escalation could increase the loss of life to a critical tipping point for Hell.

Valencen: So do you personally support a brokered cease fire?

Isdrix: Personally, yes. The likelihood of such a cease fire is slim because I do not feel Hamas would honor it. They have no reason in their minds to stop the attacks and thus Israel has to hunt down the leaders of this action until peace comes by attrition which is very costly in Palestinian lives. And before you ask the next question I have to say that this is the fault of no one people this is such a mutual hatred which has festered for so much time that the only ways to resolve it is either mutual destruction or a mutual demilitarization meaning a peace accord that works. There are those on both sides who will never allow that peace to come–ever.

Valencen: There are the graphic images of the downing of Malaysia Airline flight 17 this past week and the fallout politically about who launched the SA-11 missiles from just inside the eastern Ukrainian border. How much of a threat to Terran peace is this event considering the handling of the crime scene by Russian backed rebels there?

Isdrix: What is happening in eastern Ukraine now is simply an unacceptable chaos. The rule of law does not exist there and I place the blame for this on the head of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. This man is a threat to world peace because of his ambitions to reunite the breakaway republics of the former Soviet Union. He is not the man the Russian people need to be leading them at this time.

Valencen: Is the Laal Hethri working to some solution of the Putin problem?

Isdrix: [Laughs] I have no comment about that at this time.

Valencen: No comment? Is that a no then?

Isdrix: No comment from my directorate.

Valencen: On American domestic terror, are there any new developments that you can share on this front to my readers?

Isdrix: Unlike the agencies on Terra which swim toward the shiniest light. Does that translate from Hellac where it can be understood?

Valencen: Yes you mean like a school of fish?

Isdrix: Yes, exactly. These fish are focused on two things right now. We do not have that limitation in the Laal Hethri nor do we have the competition between agencies that many Western agencies have on Terra. The Laal Hethri and the Directat Javeth Nathux are a united front against all enemies to the stability of Hell. We do not have any pet states which we favor for economic, religious or racial reasons. My directorate is vigilant looking at all threats equally and soberly or else we would have to answer to the Empress for a failure rooted in bigotry or favoritism and I do not wish to be the demon who has to give that briefing. I will make an example of the threat to a sporting event in the United States five years ago that was thwarted because its size had grown so large that it nearly became public. This was an al Qaeda threat that was eliminated because of listening to the intelligence six years post the 11 September attacks. There have been incidents of chatter over the last six or so months that militia and secessionist groups are forming alliances that could become a threat to the United States and because of distractions which are less imminent or have an economic or political element which shadows the coming US elections it is being ignored. There is no reason for this which would allow America to be plunged into a shooting war between its own citizens. The Laal Hethri, as I have said earlier is vigilant.

Valencen: Thank you for your time this morning.

Isdrix: We must do this again, soon, in more pleasant times.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Diane Valencen, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.], ArF J., M.F.
Editorial Page Editor
The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork
26 Ashtaq 3 AS


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